Computer generated sentiments

By | April 7, 2009

I don't have a card to share today because my granddaughter is with me all day and she's 2 1/2 years old.  Need I say more?

Anyhoo, I thought I'd share a tip on generating a sentiment on the computer.  As you may have noticed, a lot of my cards have computer generated sentiments because either I don't have the sentiment or I don't like the style of sentiment that I have on hand.

  1. Type a greeting into the computer (Word), changing the font and size as necessary.
  2. Use the "preview function" on the computer to see how the text is displayed.
  3. Print the page onto regular printer paper.  If you like it, go onto the next step.  If you are not satisfied with the print, play with the font and size until you are happy with it.  Note – You may have to go through several printings.
  4. Attach a piece of (card stock) over the text on the printed page – adhere with scotch tape
  5. Feed the paper through the printer again


  • To avoid wasting paper (if you don't want to use a scrap of paper and feed it through your printer), type in several sentiments filling the page.  Be care to leave space around the sentiments to either cut out or punch out.  Store the remaining paper for future cards.
  • Match the font style to the rubber stamps you are using for your card.  For instance, fun and quirky rubber stamps would need a fun & quirky font such as Bradley Hand, Curlz MT, and Jokerman just to name a few.
  • Print out the sentiment first, then stamp the image directly above the image so that it become part of the main image.
  • Keep a note of fonts that you like and which card you used them on.  It will save time when you creating that last minute card!
  • For circle sentiments, I use word art in MS Word.

Thanks for stopping by – see you tomorrow!


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