By | April 5, 2009

I have to share this photo with you.  My friends say I spoil my granddaughter and namesake.  But I want to lay that rumor to rest once and for all.


As you can see we make her work for her upkeep!  Aren't they cute  at that stage when they want to help.  Too bad it doesn't last!

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6 thoughts on “Rachel

  1. Maria

    You slavedriver grandma! LOL! Your granddaughter is adorable helping out that way!! She’s a cutie!


  2. Julie

    She’s gotten so BIG, Rachel! I remember when she was born – – (wasn’t that just like two weeks ago?)

    Oh, LEAVES – – I remember those things in Bella Vista. We don’t have the dense trees around here like there. I kind of miss that!

    Your blog looks GREAT!

    Julie in Utah

  3. Siobhan

    She is simply adorable!! :) My son is 9 and still wants to help. I am waiting for the time…I am sure just a moment away…when that will cease!


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