Arrive safely in warm and sunny Phoenix!

By | January 6, 2010

Good Morning Stampers

I arrived safely in warm in sunny Phoenix.  It's beautiful here with all the palm trees. 

I spent the day fist checking into the conference and then standing in line for Momento Hall.  I have a class this afternoon so I thought I would post a couple of pictures while I'm on a break.  I won't post anymore picture until tomorrow because I need to finish my cards for the swap tomorrow or else I'm in big trouble!


These bags are adorable!  And so reasonable, I grabbed a couple of them.  Okay, more than a couple of them!


They had the cutest beach towel and beach thongs.  Perfect for my granddaughter!


Very elegant chic black sweater – just my style!




These are the flowers that are really popular right now.  You make them using the flower folds die cut.


I thought I was at a quilt show there were so many quilts using the die cuts.



More beautiful quilts.

I'll have some pictures of the card displays tomorrow and more pictures of what was available in Momento Hall.

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4 thoughts on “Arrive safely in warm and sunny Phoenix!

  1. sanwanya

    Look slike a lot of fun and im sure its warmer there then it is here its 10 this morning ..Have fun cant wait to hear more !!


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