A Gift from Jane

By | April 2, 2010

Good Morning Stampers!


Today's card was made by my dear and close friend Jane.  In addition to the card, she had a surprise for me.  It was my favorite type of surprise (candy!!! and SEE's candy no less).


Since moving to Arkansas from California, one of the things I've missed the most is SEE's candy.  I know that you can order it online but it's not the same as being out shopping and stopping in at a SEE's candy store to select a piece of your favorite candy!

This is the box it came in – isn't it cute?  

I opened the box at 1pm 

I took one candy – it's 1:05 pm

It's now 1:10 and two are missing!

It's now 1:15 and three are missing!

It's now 1:20 and four are missing!

Yes, I can eat candy that fast (LOL).  

Thanks for visiting me today – need to get back to my favorite book and that delicious candy.

3 thoughts on “A Gift from Jane

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