How much Time should I be spending on my Business

By | June 24, 2010

How Much Time Should I Be Spending On My Business

  By John Sanpietro, Stamping Is My Business

My clients always ask me, "How much time do I think they need to spend on their business in order to be successful?"

And I always tell them the same thing:  there is no real, set answer to that question.

Everybody has a different business.  Therefore, the amount of time each of you need to be spending on your business is going to be different. 

However,  there IS a process that will allow you to figure out how much time you should be spending on your business:


1.   The first thing you need to do is evaluate how much time you really have.

Everybody has different obligations.  Everybody has a different life.  Because of that each person can only devote a certain amount of time to their business.

You have to be honest with yourself, and come up with the number of hours that you are going to realistically be able to spend on your business every week. 


2.   The next thing you need to do is look at your goals.

You need to understand where you want to be in, say, the next 12 months.  How much profit do you want to make?  How much do you want to do in sales?  How much do you want to do in recruiting? 

Once you have those goals, break them down into what you need to do every week in order to achieve them.

Once you know what you need to do each week to achieve your goals, figure out how much time it's going to take you each week. 


3.   When you've done that, look at the amount of time you gave yourself in #1 and ask, "can I do what I need to do in the amount of time that I've given myself?"

If the answer is yes, great!  If the answer is no, then you're going to have to revise your goals downward because you can't simply add more time.

That way, when you're done with the process, you have a realistic assessment of how much time it's going to take to achieve the goals you want for your business.


So, while there is no set answer for everyone, there IS a specific answer for each person.  Follow these steps, and you’ll have your own, specific answer to this question in no time!


Warmest regards,


John Sanpietro

Certified Business Coach

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