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Becoming a Remarkable Recruiter

August 16, 2010

The last two weeks, we have shared training tips offered by Sue Rusch, our keynote speaker at Convention 2010. In addition to speaking on Main Stage, Sue taught two convention classes–"Evolving and Energizing Your Business" and "Become a More Remarkable Recruiter."

This week, we'd like to share the key points from Sue's "Become a More Remarkable Recruiter" class.

In her class, Sue taught that recruiting is sharing–making that clarification in your mind helps you feel more comfortable when you share Stampin' Up! with others.

Sue shared five habits of remarkable recruiters. 

Habit 1: Remarkable Recruiters work the business consistently.

Habit 2: Remarkable Recruiters are always smiling.

Habit 3: Remarkable Recruiters are active, not passive.

Habit 4: Remarkable Recruiters focus on others more than themselves.

Habit 5: Remarkable Recruiters stay in control of the process.

Sue then went on to share the five steps to recruiting success.

Step 1: Generate Interest
Sue taught demonstrators to look for leads, not recruit, and to focus on feelings, not facts. She also encouraged demonstrators to be concise and conversational when generating interest.

Step 2: Secure the Appointment
Appointments should be a phone or face-to-face meeting, Sue observed. Demonstrators should ask every hostess for an appointment.

Step 3: Present the Opportunity
Sue encouraged demonstrators to ask questions when they were presenting the opportunity, to inspire more than inform, and to measure the interest of potential recruits with a "test" close.

Step 4: Invite Objections
Expect objections, Sue told demonstrators, and don't avoid them. Draw out all hesitations that a potential recruit might have and summarize discussions as you talk with your potential recruits.

Step 5: Guide to Decision
You can gently guide potential recruits to make decisions by putting the decision into perspective and keeping the process moving forward. Remember that asking is inviting, Sue observed.

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