By | August 18, 2010

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How Far In Advance Should I Plan My Classes?

As far in advance as possible!


When you show your customers your calendar as early as possible, you're giving them as much opportunity as possible to sign up.


Also, you're giving yourself as much opportunity as possible to market the class effectively.


Ideally, you should have your class calendar published several months in advance.


For example, by now, your entire 2010 calendar should be published.


That doesn't necessarily mean you have to know the exact projects you're going to do for every class several months in advance, but you should be able to publish the following:

· Date

· Time

· Location

· General Theme

· Price

Of course, if you publish the price before you know the projects, you have to make sure whatever projects you plan still allow you to meet your profit margins.


If you can get into this habit, you're going to feel more in control of your calendar AND you should see more people coming to your classes, as well!

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