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What's Your 'Elevator Pitch?'

An elevator pitch is a brief statement about who you are, what your business is, and why it is special. The idea is this: If you were in an elevator with a potential customer and you had only 30 seconds or an elevator ride to make a memorable impression, what is it that you could say to make an impact?

Steve Strauss of the Microsoft Small Business Center offers the following tips for crafting your elevator pitch:

1. Figure out what is unique about what you do
The whole idea behind a great elevator pitch is to intrigue someone. It's an ice-breaker and a marketing pitch — all rolled into one.
Your elevator pitch must have a hook. "I own a flower shop downtown" doesn't hold a candle to "I'm a specialty florist who deals in rare, South American tropical flowers that bloom in the winter."

2. Make it exciting
A superior elevator pitch increases your heart rate. It speaks to who you really are and what excites you about your business. It has integrity. What is it about your business that really motivates you? Incorporate that.

3. Keep it simple
A good elevator pitch doesn't try and be all things to all people. Rather, it conveys a clear idea in a short amount of time. It might be a few sentences, but no more than a paragraph or so. Keep it under 30 seconds.

4. Write it down
Use the guidelines above and take a stab at it. Write down your pitch, say it out loud, re-write it, and then re-write it again. Remember what I always tell my daughters: "Writing is re-writing!"

Practice, and the practice some more
The first few times you try out your elevator pitch may be a bit uncomfortable, but it gets easier. After a while, it will become second nature to you, and when it does, you will be glad you practiced.

Here's my "elevator speech".
I own a card making business to help people like you create beautiful hand made cards, gifts and scrapbooks.  I also sell the supplies to create those cards.

WHAT'S YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH?  Leave your pitch in the comments section. 
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  1. Monica Martinez

    I love to create personal cards of all accasions. I create cards and donate them to help durning the holiday season, some go to the Military, Ronald Mcdonald House and at a booth to raise money to help make thanksgiving easier for a family.


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