Tip: Our snail adhesive vs their snail adhesive

By | November 20, 2010

TIP – Why should I buy adhesive from myself when I can get a similar product elsewhere?

1.To stay active as a demonstrator, you need to buy or sell at least $300 in sales per quarter. Your supplies (like SNAIL) count towards that.  If you spend your supply money elsewhere, you still need to get that $300 in sales in.

2.The more you sell, the more you make.  Let's say that you sell $391 in a month. You'll get $78.20 in commission. BUT if you sell $400, you'll get $100. That's just 2 SNAIL adhesive refills & now you're making an extra $21.20 in commission!

3.(this one's a zinger for me) If your customers see you putting a blue refill in your nice black Stampin' Up! holder, they're going to realize that THEY can go down to the big box store & buy them too. That's just the tip of the iceberg. While they're there, they're going to buy other odds & ends stampin' stuff, baskets, craft projects they'll never make – you name it – leaving them LESS money to spend with YOU!

4.(and this is really the deal maker or breaker) If you do this, you'll be out of compliance with your demonstrator agreement with Stampin' Up!.  I know it's hard, but you CAN do this. For me, I've found that if I ask people to bring their own adhesive to clubs & classes (NOT workshops), I not only buy LESS adhesive, but I SELL MORE! They may bring something else, but eventually they all come around to SNAIL because it's really not that expensive & it's easy to use.

Plus ~ when you buy from yourself, you get rewarded in other ways.. Great rewards points.. SAB rewards (if you make your business purchases for the year during SAB) ~ volume overrides and more… When you work more, or buy from yourself more, you get rewarded more, and they really do treat you like royalty on the incentive trips.

IMHO, our snail IS much better just because it hasn't been in one of those warehouses for 5 years, breaking down with God only knows what temperature difference. And on the RARE occasion an SU one breaks, I call in and get a new one, no questions asked.

We all have to make choices about the way we do business, and I do not knock anyone for trying to make economical choices.. It's something we all struggle with as business owners..

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