Storage for the new punches

By | February 13, 2011


I have the ink pad holder I bought from them a couple of years ago that I've converted to a punch holder.   Hmmmmm, now that I've studied the new holder more thoroughly, I see that you can also store the border punches.  I may have to reconsider whether I need this or not.  The last picture is the one I am currently using.

The company is called OrganizeMore out of Oregon.  I've bought about 3 shelves/misc holders over the years and the shelves have proven to be very sturdy and durable.   They offer a 10% discount if you like them on Facebook.

Finally! An organizer for the new style Su punches! Hold all 52 punches in one organizer. This is the prefect use of space. No more punches piled everywhere. Protect your investment with this great organizer!

This is the one I am currently using:


I got this off this OrganizeMore facebook page.

Organize More! Save 10% now thru Feb. 15th, 2011. Simply enter the Discount Code SWEETHEART upon checkout for instant savings! *discount taken before shipping charges are applied. Sale ends Feb. 15th


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