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By | February 28, 2011

Hi Stampers

Today, we're going to talk about a relatively new item (Occasions Mini) and an oldie but goodie.

  1. Glimmer Paper
  2. Circle Scissors Plus

1.  Glimmer Paper #121790 $3.95

Add red glitter to your projects without the clean-up!  You can cut this into fun shapes with rule based Big Shot dies or any of our cutting tools.

Check out this card to see what I did with the Glimmer Paper!

  • The paper is embedded with small pieces of red glitter and won't brush off or flake off, so there's no cleanup.
  • 12" x 12" sheets – 2 sheets per package
  • Cover weight paper
  • Coordinates with Hugs and Kisses Suite


Contains acid and is not recommended for use in scrapbooks.

Circle Scissor Plus 
2.  Circle Scissor Plus #112530 $29.95

Making perfect circles has never been simpler! Instead tracing a lid or jar, simply select your circle size and turn the cutting handle to get perfect circles every time—no more squiggly lines! The circles come out perfectly every time, with no jagged edges.

I've made several cards using the circle scissor plus -  here's an oldie.

  • Adjusts to make circles from 1" to 6"
  • Easily cuts through paper and card stock
  • Large 1" base with gripper feet ensures that tool doesn't slip

Quick Trick

  • If you love the look of circle frames,you don't need to buy separate die cut circle frames or rings.  When cutting rings, first cut the smaller circle (or the center of the ring); don't move the cutter.  Make sure it stays in place while you adjust the size for the outside circle of your ring, then cut again.
  • Keeping the cutter in place the whole time is the key to making perfect rings.  You'll end up with a custom frame or ring in the size and color you want.


  • Always use with the Glass Mat.  using the Circle Scissor Plus with a self-healing mat may produce poor results.  Glass mats allow the blade to "float" across the cutting surface for a cleaner, better cut
  • Adhere your paper to the Glass Mat with dotto to prevent it from slipping on the mat.
  • The Circle Scissor Plus works best when you're standing up.  This helps distribute the weight and pressure on the cutter evenly.
  • Avoid pushing down too hard.

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