Convention Checklist

By | March 25, 2011

With registration for convention coming up soon, I thought you might be interested in a compiled list of what to take to convention.


COMFY SHOES!!!! This is an absolute must because you will be walking and standing a lot and convention center floors are usually cement, not to mention if you need to walk from you hotel!

Casual clothes that are comfortable. I took khaki pants for everyday last year. They were heavy enough to stay warm in the AC of the center and more comfortable for me then jeans. There were folks in jeans, shorts and casual dresses. Whatever makes you comfortable.   A sweater or jacket. The convention center can get cool.

For the formal evenings I just took a sun dress because, well to be honest, I was not being called up to receive any of the awards, actually several in our group wore khakis for that same reason. It is fun to dress up, and some demos really dress up.

[ ] working watch
[ ] airline tickets, hotel conf. info, etc.
[ ] SU papers for conv. registration
[ ] flyers to post for e-list get togethers plus my own copies so I know where to be and what to do!
[ ] current catty
[ ] stickies for new catty–make notes for wish list and flag projects to CASE
[ ] order form blanks
[ ] addy labels
[ ] biz cards to swap
[ ] daily agenda blanks with schedule/appointment spaces to  fill out my itinerary after going thru the convention booklet
[ ] small notebook &/or scratch paper (& pens)–copious notetakers can mono extra sheets into convention notebook
[ ] Snail/Mono (adhesive)
[ ] empty file folder
[ ] extra luggage tag and identifier should SU provide a pack for us
[ ] highlighter
[ ] fully charged cell phone and/or walkie talkie
[ ] scissors
[ ] receipt envelope for purse w/ little log for keeping track of all convention expenses–while you're there so you don't have to ponder it at tax time!
[ ] sharpie permanent marker
[ ] small wallet that can go from purse to pack
[ ] extra suitcase or extra space in your suitcase…you think you'll leave with less than you went with–uh unh!
[ ] blank to do lists to note everything you've been inspired to do…great plane trip activity!

[ ] checklist of people subjects which I always forget to do
[ ] extra camera batteries
[ ] ample film…with addy label affixed to all canisters…tops marked with removable labels–remove once film is done
[ ] lens cleaner

[ ] TCs, fronts, etc.. w/ containers, i.e. lightweight binder w/ TC sleeve sheets
[ ] gifts for friends
[ ] extra gallon sized ziplocs to pack stuff away safely
[ ] e-list ribbons
[ ] extra samples to pass out to interested non-SU acquaintances–have your biz info on them!

[ ] disposable sports top water bottle
[ ] beef jerky as protein and salt source
[ ] dried fruit for my sweet tooth
[ ] tiny candies and gum
[ ] mints
[ ] granola bars or other carbs
[ ] iced tea mix packets for my water bottle
[ ] $$ for machines/concessions
[ ] list of recommended eating spots

[ ] c/c used to book airline ticket & hotel
[ ] c/c for SU buys & meals, etc. (if different)
[ ] cash for incidentals…plus plenty of singles for tips
[ ] cash for the copy center so you can have intact blanks of any charts SU gives us–also keep in mind how many copies of things you'll share with downline and convention buddies so you don't have to figure it out there
[ ] cash for postcards, etc. if convention will be in LV again, then pick up great postcards to entice recruits to join you at the next convention there

[ ] comfy presentable shoes (wear one, pack an extra pair)
[ ] dressy-side outfit (that goes with the extra shoes)
[ ] my highly packable, super-comfy, Weekenders mix and match outfits (to wear and present!)

[ ] meds for what I'm susceptible for…just in case
[ ] safety pins
[ ] emery board
[ ] folding fan
[ ] earrings…those who feel naked wo/ them understand
[ ] matches to quickly deodorize shared bathrooms
[ ] tissues & hand sanitizer or wet wipes (come in handy to clean stamps, shoes & scraped knees)
[ ] mints

[ ] post cards done (wheeled) ahead of time…telling your customers that you're enjoying convention, learning lots, trading lots, and that you'll see them when you get back at your Convention debriefing/Catalog Unveiling Party…pre-postage stamp then mail from Las Vegas or wherever convention is that year.



*Black perm. marker - to keep what is yours and autograph shirts.
*Name labels - Put them in your books, on your bags, etc. Remember to put a
contact phone that you might be carrying with you this way if you loose
something you don't have to wait till ya get home to get it.
*Notebook and pen - to take all those great notes from the speakers. Friends
address's, (use the label and put into book)
*Hi-liter - to hi-lite the extra special stuff you want to find later.
*Comfortable shoes - You will be doing a lot of walking and standing (in
*Jacket/sweater - in some rooms it is comfortable, others hot and some cold
(like freezer cold)
*WOW - wear something as a group, or something that other's can find you in
so you don't get lost. You will see what I mean if you have never been before
a lot of people wear goofy hats, shirts, shower curtain robes etc...
*Lots of trades - carry these with you everywhere, keep them with you on the
plane, and don't loose them..
*Snacks, gum, lifesavers - This is a must. Everyone has there own time
clock, and then SU has theres. As I said before you need comfortable shoes to
stand in lines and that includes lunch and dinner. All the restaurants will
be flooded with people and the wait times will be unbelievable. I can recall
a night I was so tired and we waited in line to eat and then since it was so
busy we had to wait another hour for food after we ordered. I just left and
went to bed.
*Easy to carry tote for trades - Aprons are great. You can pin your trades
to the front of you, walk around and trade with out having your hands full.
Some like shoe boxes, or plastic containers, these slip in and out of your bag
with out damaging your trades.
THE REAL ISSUE IS WITH SCRAPBOOK PAGES: I used SU plastic craft keepers.
They are 12x12, hold several pages, and easy to get in and out of.
*Nice comfortable clothes - Business sense. Capri pants are wonderful, dress
them up or down, and wear a jacket or around your waist. Whatever you wear
look the part, be comfortable, & have fun.
*Pins - If you are trading pins, I want to suggest a vest. So you can put it
on and take it off. Wear your pins, and trading is easier. People see you
have pins as they walk by you, they stop and trade, you unpin and then pin
and you are on your way. When the day is over, take off the vest, fold it in half
and put it in your suite case. Simple.
*MORE TRADES - bring a small paper trimmer, ink, coordinating cardstock and
some adhesives. This way you can make a few extra trades, with the new set
you get at convention. This way you have samples that everyone wants. NEW!!!
*Something special - Have some special gifts for your upline and downline.
Stamp treat bags or notebooks for them to use at convention. It is always
nice to make sure that you support your groups. Show them... Make a couple
extra incase you run into Shelli or staff members. They love it too.
*Camera, batteries, film - There is always a moment to take pictures. Lots
of props can be found around the convention center. Group shots, moments to
remember, great samples. Be polite when snapping pictures, remember you all
want a good shot.
*Business cards - Don't forget to recruit while out around town. Not
everyone in your hotel is with SU. Pass them out to waitresses, cab drivers
and anyone you meet. Talk about FUN with SU they can see it all around them.
*Sewing Kit- Safety pins, thread, needle ect... You never know and it is
better safe than sorry.
*Band aide- You know who you are!!!!
*Water bottle- Make sure you stay fresh, bring a water bottle to keep
*Emergencies - Keep a contact list in your bag incase of an emergency. Also
if you have allergies or medical conditions let people who are with you know.

Convention Swaps

You definitely want to start your swaps soon! Pick some new big sellers. Last year I took 300 card fronts to convention and 200 TCs. Oh, and 12 X 12 SB pages and 10 pins! The card fronts went quickly, but I was forever trading TCs. I was giving them away! I gave someone about 15 to trade herself so she could get some TCs. This year, I think I'll skip the TCs and make 200 card fronts. Be sure to use only SU! materials in your swaps, and be neat!

a travel package of WET ONES as they come in handy for everything from cleaning your stamps to cleaning your shoes, to a scraped knee

Regardless of what you ultimately decide to wear, anything with pockets will be a plus. It's hard to get at little things when they are tucked into a backpack or gigantic tote.

At home, print out your email address on a 1"x2" piece of paper to slip into your convention ID. Believe it or not, lots of people will recognize your email address before they recognize your real name. (Right, MS WBY aka Colleen Blake!)

Check with your hotel to see what amenities are already in the room. No sense lugging things that will be available to you there. For instance, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron & board, data ports, etc.

Package medications in small containers that you can take with you everywhere, and label the container with your name and the SU! convention name.

There will be a message board located close to the check in tables. This is a great place to place notes for other members of your group if you get separated. It's a good idea to check there throughout the day for notes that are meant for you. Bring a small notepad of paper in case their supply runs out and a brightly colored marker so you note stands out.

If your cellular carrier doesn't charge for roaming or long distance, or the charges don't matter, by all means bring your phones! This is the easiest way to keep in touch with your pals.

Comfy shoes can't be stressed enough! There may not be seats at all while doing make & takes, and convention center floors are most often thinly covered concrete. In the areas outside of classes there probably won't be many seats, either, so standing or sitting on the floor are the norm.

Bring your cash in small bills.

***Have ready smile for everyone you meet, especially the ones who aren't with a group. Nothing is worse than being someplace so exciting and having no one to chat and pal around with. Being with your upline/ downline is great, but there is always room for new friends. Wouldn't it feel good to know that you made a difference in someone's convention experience?!? Be generous with your friendship and it will come back to you a thousand fold.***

Along with the above tip, please remember swap etiquette. Please trade with everyone that asks even if their trade may not be "up to your standards". All of us were new once, just think of how much your skills have improved since you started! Look at it this way, if their swaps are that bad then they really need your good example!

Wear something with the SU! logo when you travel too and from. It's a great way to meet up with other convention goers, or pique someone's interest in stamping!

Make sure your spouse and family back home know your schedule at convention. This way they won't freak out after calling you all day with no answer at the hotel. (If you do bring a cell phone instruct you family that YOU will call THEM unless there is an emergency- and you might need to define emergency-haha. It's irritating to hear a ringing phone during general sessions and at other times it's too noisy to hear clearly. My husband thought I was being rude when I told him I would have to call back later because I couldn't understand what he was saying!)

Bring you medical insurance card with you along with any numbers you might have to call for authorization if, God forbid, anything should happen.

If traveling with someone, your companion should pack one of her outfits in your suitcase and vice versa. That way if one person's luggage is lost, that person will have at least one outfit in the other person's bag. Also, if you have a special gown for awards night, bring it in you carry-on luggage. At a convention for another home demonstration company, all the ladies on our flight had their luggage come in on a later flight. One woman was going on stage that night and we had to go down the hall borrowing things for her to wear all the way down to pantyhose! Thanks to our sister demonstrators, she looked great but it was still a disappointment to her not to wear the dress she had paid good money for!

Bring a pair of scissors (checked luggage only!) so you'll be able to assemble those new sets you get at convention! You might want to bring an ink pad and maybe a few postcards in case you absolutely HAVE TO STAMP those new sets on the way home, or whatever, but don't bring tons of stamping stuff- there just isn't time! I brought a black pad, bold brights markers, a blender pen, and some US white cardstock and actually did use them.

When packing your suitcase, esp. soft-sided luggage, line your bag with a large trash bag (lawn & garden bags work great). Pack your clothes INSIDE the bag and fold it over to kind of seal it. When it's raining, the ground crew won't care how long your suitcase sits outside.
Arrange a "Missing in the Action" spot to meet group members who get separated from the flock. If you're supposed to meet for dinner at the Awards Assembly or whatever, and someone gets separated or is late, you can go the Missing in Action spot your group has designated, and then someone from your group can check back to find you. Sounds silly, I know, but TRUST ME, again--it's REALLY hard to find someone in the mass of people there!

Put a small notebook in your camera bag so that you can write down names of some of the people you photograph! If you have a big group you want to take, use just a second and jot down their names before you shoot, and give yourself an identifier, like "group photo next to the water cooler" or "Terri and her friends falling down the stairs" or whatever. It'll make life MUCH easier at home when you're trying to put faces w/ names....


Here's a few necessary items:
**permanent marker (for marking your catalog & such)
**craft scissors (for cutting & mounting your new stamp set)
**cell phone or phone card
**pain reliever & any other meds you need
**loose change & $1 bills
**light snacks (granola bars, crackers, etc. because the concession
prices are crazy)
**bright scarf or ribbon for marking your convention bag
**digital, disposable cameras or plenty of film & batteries for your real
**highlighter or page tabs for your catalog
**notepad for taking notes during the seminars
**PATIENCE (so many of us forget to pack this!)
**comfy shoes (it's a huge convention center & you will be walking &
standing for 4 days straight)
Don't try to see the display boards in the Gathering Place on the first couple of days, unless you see a lull around them. 
It's usually too packed to get near them at first.
When it's your afternoon to do Make & Takes, go to the back of the hall first. It's usually less crowded.
While it's tempting to order stuff there so it can almost be waiting for you to arrive home, WAIT! You can do a HOSTESS 
ORDER once you're home & get the benefits yourself!! If you order AT convention, you are limited to a Demo order & it's
just one each of a very limited number of things.
From Heide: I did take advantage of the (new last year) Save & Share program where the stamp sets and new accessories 
that you get to use on Make & Take day are available for 30 - 50% off - I bought one of each item (which was all you
were allowed to order) and the order came to @$150.  You are not eligible for hostess benefits on this order, but to
me it was worth getting the sets at 50% off and having them very soon after I got home from convention.  I'm so glad
that they are offering this again this year.
Enjoy yourself & use the convention energy once you get home. You can jump start your business with the enthusiasm.
Drink lots of water, don't try to do too much without adequate rest in between!!

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