5 Blogging Traps to Avoid by John Sanpietro5 Blogging Traps to Avoid

By | April 5, 2011

Are you a stamping business owner who hasn't delved into the world of blogging yet?

While it's certainly not necessary to have a blog as part of your stamping business, so many stamping business owners have taken the plunge into blogging to communicate with their customers and prospective customers, it IS more difficult to be competitive without one.

And blogs DO work! They expose your business to many, many more prospective customers than ever before. They also allow you to communicate with your customers on a daily basis (if you want) in a way e-mail marketing and phone calls would never allow. This generally translates into increased sales, class attendance… and profit!

However, there are many stamping business bloggers who have fallen into some of the pitfalls of blogging when they first started their own. And take note, these are the same persons who are so good in running their business.

Now, the question. Why do these competitive and successful people fall short when it comes to blogging?

The answer? Blogging Traps! Not knowing what these traps are, and how to best avoid them.

Here are five blogging traps you need to be aware of to ensure you do not make the same mistakes that others have fallen into:

1. Writing off-topic and personal stuff instead of writing answers to questions your customers have.

Many people think blogs are just online diaries. While this may have been true several years ago, BUSINESS blogs are about your business and your customers!

It's important to do good customer and keyword research in order to come up with topical blog posts that appeal to your target marekt. If all you write about is you, your life and other related details. You are actually drifting away from your target. And you are contradicting the business building tool capability of your blog.

2. No blog focus

If your readers are confused about what topics you're writing about, that's a problem. What is your main message? Your focus? What will be in your blog that your readers can benefit from? Try to answer these questions. Keep your blog as focused as possible. This will attract a more focused readership who is more likely to buy

3. Your blog does not reflect you and your business

Make sure your blog accurately reflects you and your business. Make your customers feel like they are doing business with you in the comfortable ambiance of your office. Your blogs should reflect your business image.

4. Your blog is all solicitation… no information

If all you ever have in your blogs are advertising and marketing about your products, expect your customers to get bored, go away and never come back. They have had enough of sales being presented to them.

5. Not blogging with frequency and consistency

If YOU haven't visited your blog for some time, you can't expect your customers to do so. One of the greatest sins in blogging is not updating your content. Expect to lose the traffic you have been getting.

Avoiding these common pitfalls will allow your blog to be exactly what you want it to be… an extremely effective marketing arm for your business!


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John Sanpietro
Certified Professional Development Coach
Stamping Is My Business!

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