Cost Analysis Sheet

By | April 25, 2011

By Ann Clemmer

Here is a cost analysis sheet I did in Excel for my downline for catalog items & demo items like forms, bags, etc.  The TAX/SHIP column is the catalog price + tax & shipping (tax is computed on shipping in the CostList2010-11.xls sheet and only on the product in the CostList2010-11-TaxNet.xls sheet)  

The DISCOUNTED column is price + tax & shipping less the discount noted at the top right corner.   The IN PACK column designates how many are in a package.  

The COST EACH column is the DISCOUNTED column amount divided by the amount in pack.  This is usually figured as "Each", but occasionally different & is noted in the ITEM column (like Hemp & ribbon is per ft – with the per inch also included)

The 1/4 is for the discounted price for a quarter sheet of c/s.  The 1/2 is for the discounted price for the half sheet of c/s.

The GROSS each is the price per item that the CUSTOMER would pay after tax & shipping divided by the amount in the package.

This sheet can be changed for any place that charges tax on shipping by changing the tax amount in F1.  The discount rate can be adjusted by changing the figure in R1.  

Download Cost_List2010-11(1)

Download Cost_List2010-11-TaxNet(1)


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