Direct Sales is not for Whiners

By | April 28, 2011

By Jennifer Fong

It takes work to make a direct sales or network marketing business profitable.

You have to get on the phone. Talk to people. Make sales. Go to meetings. Focus on professional development and team development.

Yes, there’s a lot to making direct selling work.

And can I tell you a secret?

Negative people rarely make it in this business.

Why? Because you can’t waste your energy. There’s too much else to do if you want to be successful. And you need to motivate others. Negativity never motivated anyone.

If all you want to do is whine about why you’re not making money or you can’t book a party or no one will join your team, maybe you should find another line of work.

But if you want to build a successful business, check that negativity at the door, pick up the phone, and get moving.

Direct sales in not for whiners. Don’t be one.

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