Q&A – ordering online

By | April 3, 2011

Somone asked me whether a customer would get hostess benefits if she ordered through the demo's website: (from demo manual)

Q: Do my customers get hostess benefits when ordering online?
A: Yes, but only when ordering through your DBWS. For Online Ordering, Hostess Benefits are called Stampin' Rewards, since the customer doesn't actually host anything. We want to encourage customers to visit your DBWS where they will learn about your projects, events, and specials. We want to maintain the relationship between demonstrator and customer.

Q: Is there any difference (in price, minimum shipping, etc.) between placing an order online or through a demonstrator?
A: Yes, there are three scenarios for placing online orders. If a customer orders through your DBWS, she enjoys the normal catalog and minimum shipping prices, and can earn Stampin' Rewards (Hostess Benefits). If she places an order through Stampinup.com and chooses you as her demonstrator, she will pay the same catalog prices; however, she will have to pay a more expensive minimum shipping fee and will not be eligible for Stampin' Rewards. Finally, if a customer places an order on Stampinup.com and chooses to have no contact with a demonstrator, she will pay a premium on the catalog merchandise price (about 10 percent higher), will pay higher minimum shipping fees, and will not receive Stampin' Rewards.

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