Tuesday’s Tool Tips

By | April 25, 2011

Hi Stampers

It's Tuesday and time for another tool tip (reminds me of the show, Home Improvement with Tim Allen)!


Enjoy easier use, greater storability, and larger more intricate designs with our new punch body style. 

How to Take Care of Your Punches – Punches are among the most durable of  cardmaking and scrapbooking tools.

  • Storage of punches – Store paper punches, scrapbook punches, and craft punches in a dry place to avoid rusting. To lubricate sticky punches or brand new punches, punch through a couple of sheets of waxed paper. This should be done regularly to ensure that you don't have problems with your punches.
  • Sharpening punches – To sharpen your punches, punch through a couple of layers of aluminum foil. Sharpening punches does not need to be done often.
  • If your punches won't compress, put some weight on it. Use the palm of your hand or even place it on the floor and step on it gently.
  • If your punches gets stuck and you can't get the paper out, try compressing it again. Do NOT use your fingers to get punches unstuck because the metal of the punches is sharp.

Features and benefits:

  • Quickly added interest to scrapbook pages and cards
  • Punch design offers
    • Large cutting surface
    • Excellent cutting precision and punching leverage
    • Easy storage – locks shut, can stand on end or lay flat
  • Images in catalog are approximate size
  • Low-profile, rectangular punch body allows for easier stacking and storing
  • Punches lock shut for easer storage and transport
  • Dual labels on top and end allow for easy identification and selection when stored.


  1. Sharpen punches by punching through aluminum foil.  Smoth punches by punching through waxed paper.
  2. Punches are not meant to cut multiple papers at once; cut only one sheet of paper at a time
  3. When using punches with stamped images, stap your image first, and then place your punch top down on a table or other flat surface and line up your images in the punch.  Hold your paper with one hand and press down on the punch with the other.

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