Retired items

By | May 17, 2011

What is the best way to sell off those sets we no longer want or need once those items have retired.   When you are pricing your sets make SURE you add into the "was" price the tax and shipping a local customer would have had to pay to get that item into their hands.  THEN put your "now" price on the same label.  This way people can fully appreciate the amount of the discount that they are getting.

 For instance, if I have a set that I spent $25.00 for which I would like to get $15.  I price it like this: "WAS $29.07, NOW $15!!!"  Or let's say I have a $35 set; WAS $40.69, NOW $25!"

 You see what a difference that can make!  AND it gives you room to wheel and deal because they are less likely to try to knock it down much further when they can see what they would have had to spend to have it in the first place.

 Keep this in mind as you price your items for your clearance sales!

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