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By | May 10, 2011

This talk about the BS Adhesive sheets got me to thinking–and that's hard to do on a Monday morning!! LOL

 I mentioned in a different post about using the X machine for adhesive to adhere little things. I cut a lot of letters with the Big Shot to use on my scrap pages and trying to use SNAIL on them just doesn't work.

 So I did some math; if you cut your adhesive sheets into 1 1/2" strips–the width the adhesive strip for the X machine is–you can get 8 strips out of one sheet. If you used all 12 sheets you would get 96 strips. That is 96 feet of adhesive for the $14.95 US price!!!! A 20 foot cartridge for that X machine is around $7.00 US—or approx $28 to $35 for 96 feet of adhesive!!! Yowza. (even at the sale price I found online this morning you would still have to pay around $20 US for the same amount plus whatever their shipping would be)

This is going to be my product highlight for the week for my customers.

 Just wanted to share what I discovere and hope this helps someone else.

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