Brumley Bucks

By | June 1, 2011

Several of you have Brumley Bucks to redeem by 30 June 2011.  Please contact me and I'll let you know how many brumley bucks you have.

My Incentive Program:

My incentives will be in the form of Brumley Bucks for my level 1 and 2 demonstrators.  $5.00 equals $5.00 in catalog product.  You can accumulate them but they must be redeemed by the end of each Stampin' year (June 30).

Incentives will be for the following recognition:

1.  Highest Sales for the month ($5.00)
2.  Better your best ($5.00)
3.  Sign up a recruit ($10.00)
4.  Achieve a certain amount in sales for that month ($5.00)

Highest sales will be awarded every month but the others will be issued randomly.   I'll let you know via the newsletter and/or blog the month before if there is a new incentive.

Team members currently needing to redeem their brumley bucks:

  • Camilla (highest sales for the month)
  • Nola (highest sales for the month)
  • Valerie (highest sales for the month)
  • Debra (highest sales for the month)
  • Kelli (new recruit)
  • Annette (new recruit)


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