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By | June 6, 2011

Challenge: Just Do It!

When you pull out your retiring product, whether you are planning to sell it now or now, record the current price of that item on either a label affixed to the item or a scrap inside the packaging. When you DO decide to sell or donate those items, you will have all the information right there ready to do. And remember, when you DO sell retired product make sure you include the tax and shipping on the “Was” or “Before” pricing; you want your customers to know how much it would have cost them to get that product TO THEIR DOOR. Your discounted price will have that much more impact!  A few minutes now with the outgoing catalog and a pen will save you TONS of time later!

Post here when you've completed this challenge.



One thought on “Business Challenge

  1. Deborah

    Love this idea! I can’t count how many times I’ve had to scower through old catalogs to get the original prices (right Norma?). Thank you so much for the idea! Will be doing this from now on.


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