Price Changes, Paper and other info from the New Catalog

By | June 10, 2011

This is from one of the forums I belong to – thought you might be interested in the information


In putting together a new accessories price breakdown spreadsheet for the new catalog I came across a number of price changes, weird facts and other info relating to the new catalog.

First up the Price Changes you'll want to know about since many of those items can still be ordered
(until June 30th) at the current prices:

  •  First Edition DSP – going up $1   – from the Occasions continuing flyer list but in the new catalog too.
  • Red Glimmer Paper – going up $1 – from the Occasions continuing flyer list but in the new catalog too.
  • DSP Paper Stacks by color collection – going up $2 – in the new catalog they are exactly the same as current stacks – same patterns, color groupings etc.
  • Clear Mount DVD style Stamp Cases – going up $1  – for those of you unmounting your stamps you'll want to pick up the empty cases now and use those dollar savings to buy the new cling mount foam come July 1.

 SU did inform us a couple of months ago that all DSP is now going up $1 in the new catalog so new standard price is $10.95.  And all Scrappin kits have gone up $2.   The specialty DSP is all grouped – all 3 sets – on one page and one price point – $12.95 -  and the rest of the DSP all together with the stacks at the back of that listing.  Much easier to see I think.

 Less noticeable price increase:

Designer Series Fabric – The sizing of the fat quarters has decreased slightly though the price has stayed the same in the new catalog.   The pieces have gone from 28"x18"  to 27"x 18"  while one inch may not seem like a lot when you add that across the 3 pieces included in each set you are losing 54 square inches of fabric or a 4% loss – same as a 3" strip!  Personally I could do a lot with that strip.    DS tells me that the current fabric offerings are still available in the larger size but no guarantees how long that will last.

 Pricing comparisons between new and old and different sizes:

 Watercolor paper has been reconfigured.  Basically a good thing but here's the differences in case anyone else is curious.

  •  Old Watercolor configuration: 20 sheets 3.75 x 5" = 375 square inches for $6.95
  •  New Watercolor configuration: 5 sheets 6"x9" = 270 square inches for $4.95

 Both versions work out to exactly the same 2¢ per square inch (with rounding) and the 6×9 is more
useable for more types of projects.  Also the seemingly lower price maybe more enticing to customers. 
Perfect size for letterpress or larger projects and can still be cut up into smaller pieces with less wastage.

Smooth Cardstocks – a little weird price per sheet comparison

  • single color pack – 8-1/2 x11 – $6.95 (24 sheets) – 29¢ per sheet
  • assorted color pack  – 8-1/2 x11 – $6.95 (20 sheets) – 35¢ per sheet
  • single color pack – 12×12 – $5.95 (12 sheets) – 50¢ per sheet
  • assorted color pack – 12×12 – $9.95 (20 sheets) – 50¢ per sheet

Strange isn't it that the 8-1/2×11 assorted pack has a per sheet price jump and the 12 x12 doesn't?  Oh
and in case you are interested I did a per square inch comparison and  discovered that in general the
8-1/2×11 was very slightly the cheapest form of paper for the single color packs (.0030 cents versus .0034).    For the assorted packs the 12×12's are the cheaper per square inch deal (.0034 versus .0037).

 However you slice it you can go with the size that works best for you and the actual costs are pretty
darn close.

 Other things to note:

  1.  Rub-on's are gone from the new catalog…if you love them…buy them now.
  2. Simple Birthday Thanks background stamp has been added to the retired list of stamps.
  3. One of the New Scrappin kits has Forest Friend images but that coordinating stamp set is now
    retired…wonder how customers are going to feel about that.
  4. No Extreme Sports figures made the new no music, snowboarding, surfing, etc.
    unless something turns up in the mini's
  5.  There is now an MDS icon next to stamps that have a corresponding MDS set.
  6.  The new denim ribbons in the catalog are not quite as indicated.  The artichoke one is greener than
    it appears according to DS.  Oh and DS tells me that Pool Party is closer to the old Mint Melody
    than Soft Sky.
  7.  The doily sheets from Flirtatious Specialty DSP are looking good.  Each doily sheet can be split up into
    16 littler ones of each color at 7¢ each and DS assures me they look good on the white side too (see
    June Stampin Success) so each pack yields 32 of those.  Cool huh?  An unofficial bulk buy of sorts all
    in a regular pack of DSP!

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