Mini Catalog Mailing Process for Demonstrators

By | July 29, 2011

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July 29, 2011

Some of you have expressed concern with the Holiday Mini being sent in your first demonstrator order, and we wanted to explain our reasons behind this change. Please be assured that our primary concern is providing you with excellent service.

In the past, we've received feedback that the bulk mail delivery system has not worked well. Unfortunately, because of its unreliability, some demonstrators got their mini catalogs very late, while others didn't get them at all. Our Demonstrator Support agents spent a large amount of time making order corrections in order to ensure that all demonstrators received their mini catalog.

In an effort to improve our service levels, we decided to include the complimentary copy of the 2011 Holiday Mini Catalog in a demonstrator's first order during the preorder period. There were two main reasons for doing this:

  1. Demonstrator orders are trackable, which meant we could ensure that the demonstrator received her complimentary Holiday Mini. 
  2. Since it was during a preorder, we presumed that most demonstrators would be placing an order.

We assure you our intent was never to "force" demonstrators to place orders to receive their Holiday Mini.

We have received feedback from many demonstrators that they preferred when we sent mini catalogs with Stampin' Success. Because Stampin' Success is sent via bulk mail and encounters some of the same issues we mentioned above, we are currently reviewing other possible distribution methods for all mini catalogs.

In the meantime, we are moving the date we send out a Holiday Mini to demonstrators who have not yet placed a demonstrator order from September 5 to August 15.

We appreciate and invite your feedback as we look for ways to improve this process. You may contact Demonstrator Support via phone (1-800-STAMP UP) or e-mail (

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