The Biggest Marketing Mistake Business Owners Make

By | July 29, 2011

From John SanPietro: 

I'm often asked what is the biggest marketing mistake business owners make?

Is it that they're marketing to the wrong audience… or is it that they're marketing the wrong part of their business?

Is it that they're saying the wrong thing in their marketing pieces… or they're not putting out the most effective marketing piece they can?

While all of the above are valid and widespread problems when it comes to marketing, it's not the biggest mistake most paper crafts business owners make.

The biggest mistake is…

They're not marketing their business enough to the people who don't know about them yet!

In other words, although they may be posting to their blogs and Facebook Pages regularly, and they may be sending out a monthly newsletter to their mailing lists, they're not marketing enough to 'strangers'  The people who don't know about their blogs and Facebook Pages.  The people who are not yet on their mailing list.

A good marketing rule of thumb for any stamping business owner is to try and market consistently to two or three target audiences who aren't aware your business exists yet.

That way, you're consistently driving traffic to your blog and Facebook Page, and subsequently, adding them to your mailing list.

Are you doing this now?  If it's a struggle, what, specifically are you struggling with?  Leave a Comment below.

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