Can you Guarantee Failure?

By | August 12, 2011

From John SanPietro


Can you Guarantee Failure?


I see stamping business owners guarantee failure all the time.  They guarantee they're NOT going to grow their business.  They guarantee they're NOT going to make more money.  And they guarantee that, sooner or later, they're no longer going to be stamping business owners.


They give up before they even start!

For example, over the last week or two, I've heard from several stamping business owners who feel like qualifying for their company's incentive trip will never happen… so they've decided not to try!

My response to that is… WHY wouldn't you try???

Think about it… What's the worst that can happen?

Best-case scenario – you're sitting on a beach in Fiji.

Middle-of-the-road scenario – you're sitting on a beach in Hilton Head.

Worst-case scenario – You don't qualify for either trip, BUT you have a much more profitable, effective busuiness than you did before AND you're in a much better position to qualify next year!

The only option that GUARANTEES failure (and this is true in any business) is not trying at all!  Resigning yourself to failure and giving up before you start.

Why does this happen so much?  Often, people focus on the fact that they'll be disappointed in themselves if they fail… so to avoid that potential disappointment, they don't even try.

Personally, I'd feel more disappointed in myself for not trying.

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