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Policy Review: Internet/Website Policy

August 8, 2011

Over the next few months we will continue to highlight policies from the Demonstrator Manual. For this review, we decided to focus on some of the information contained in the Internet/Website Policy. (Please see section 6.22 of the Demonstrator Manual for the complete policy.)

Stampin' Up! offers Demonstrator Business Web Services as an easy and professional way to have a presence on the web. A personal blog or website can also be a valuable resource to you both personally and professionally. It can help you connect with new and long-time customers, share your story and passion for creating, and act as a portal to your DBWS site and the online store. If you choose to create your own personal website or blog, please follow the outlined guidelines: 

  • Demonstrators may post any Stampin' Up! images on their websites, but must use the appropriate Stampin' Up! copyright notice. In addition, all trademarked product names must carry the appropriate trademark (T) and registered trademark (®) designations. These trademarks are listed on the Demonstrator Website. 
  • Reproduction in entirety or in part of the Demonstrator Manual, Product Guide, Stampin' Success, or other Stampin' Up! publications is prohibited. Providing detailed information regarding the information found in these publications is also prohibited. Demonstrators are permitted to share highlights of this information, but are encouraged to refrain from posting detailed information on the Internet. 
  • Demonstrators may not post files, or links to files, of material such as catalogs or brochures contained solely on the demonstrator website or Stampin' Connection intended for demonstrator preview, or use on any public website. Unless specific photography is provided for promotional use, any images included in copyrighted publications such as catalogs, mini catalogs, or brochures may not be copied and distributed. If product not included in a special promotion has not been released to the public, but for demonstrators only, demonstrators may not post photos or videos of those products in any public forum (password-protected downline training sites or Stampin' Connection are acceptable) until those products are released to the public. Demonstrators may, however, display completed projects created with those products before they have been released to the public. 
  • A demonstrator is free to share news, information, or anything else she has learned at a Stampin' Up! event on her blog, personal website, e-mail, through personal conversation, and so forth-unless Stampin' Up! expressly says that she cannot share the information. 
  • Demonstrators may not actively promote, market, or sell competitive products (decorative stamps in any form, stamp art accessories, scrapbooking products, digital art solutions, and vinyl wall art) using any electronic medium, including blogs, websites, social media, or e-mail. 
    • Demonstrators may not link to the website of a company that primarily sells products or services that directly compete with Stampin' Up! 
    • Demonstrators may not link to a site where a customer can purchase competitive products or services directly from the site. 
    • Demonstrators may make casual or incidental references to competitive products, but are encouraged to be generic when referencing those products. However, if demonstrators choose to use competitive products on their websites, they may refer to the name only of the product, artist, or company in a supply list format, and cannot promote those products by providing specific sales information. 
    • Demonstrators may not sell Stampin' Up! products directly from their personal sites (with the exception of kits, see the Cash-and-Carry Sales policy), but must direct customers to their DBWS for online ordering. For more information about product shares, samplers, and kits, please see the current update from April 26, 2011.

Thank you for all you do to share what you love about Stampin' Up! both online and in person. We appreciate your commitment and dedication as you form new friendships and build your business. We hope that you will continue to utilize many avenues to inspire others with your creativity.

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