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By | August 31, 2011



Some great "Member's Only" training happening on the Business Stampers Coaching Group message board this week, including:

  • What To Include In Your Recruiting Packets
  • Strategies To Increase Your E-Mail Open Rates
  • 12 Weeks of Christmas Kick-Off!

Of course, this type of business-building training happens every week on the BSCG… WITHOUT all of the other off-topic, time-consuming dialogues that take place in other groups!

For those of you who don't know, the BSCG is the premier online Coaching Community for profit-driven, business-minded stamping business owners.

The Group is fantastic, and the content is killer.  In addition to the Message Board, which is where Members communicate, ask questions of me and fellow Members and receive tons of positive, professional support from like-minded business owners (and me), Members also receive:

  • Exclusive, monthly business-building webinars
  • Business-building How-To Videos every week
  • Weekly blog evaluation videos
  • Twice-weekly Coaching Challenges
  • Weekly writing prompts to help with your blogging
  • Motivational audio messages to start off every week
  • A private Twitter feed
  • A monthly Backlinks Packet to help build SEO for your blog
  • BSCG Fit Club
  • Hundreds of links to business-building articles to further your knowledge and education
  • Exclusive discounts on various SIMB products & services
  • AND… The Newsletter Co-Op – you write one article every month, and you gain access to over 60 others you can copy and paste into your monthly newsletter!

If you're on the fence about joining the BSCG, take the $1, 10-day trial.  If you don't think the information is worth the dirt-cheap monthly fee, or you can't benefit from it, just cancel before the 10 days are up and owe nothing.

Click on the Business Stampers Coaching Group Link under Recommended Services on the right sidebar.


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