Walking through the Holiday Mini Catalog

By | August 4, 2011


From the SU Website:

I watched it – well worth the 7 minutes.

Light bulb 

Wouldn't it be great as a workshop tool?  Just have the customers watch it on your computer or on the TV if you have that capability!


August 3, 2011

Want to learn more about the new Holiday Mini products? Here's your chance!

View our new Holiday Mini Catalog Walk-Through video. This video outlines the strategies behind the product choices in the Holiday Mini. Watch it and you'll better understand the new products, know how to show them to your customers, and increase your sales during the Holiday Mini sales period.

This is the first time we've created a video like this. When the sales period is over, we'll evaluate its usefulness based on demonstrator feedback and sales results to determine if we'll offer walk-through videos for future catalogs.

Watch it today!

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