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By | September 17, 2011

Hi Stampers

As you many of you know I rescued a kitty about a month ago outside Daylight Donuts.  I kept her and named her DD (for Daylight Donuts).  I think she needs a sister and brother because she is such a playful kitten and needs someone to run, wrestle and play with.

She has no one to play with and she resorted to wrestling with Rachel's stuffed animals!  I've asked my husband if we could get another kitten to keep her company and so far he's said no. 

If you wanted a second kitten, what would be your reasoning?  Submit your comments here and I'll pick the most convincing argument for another kitten.  If I use your comment, you will win the stamp Set Silhouette Sentiments (Hostess/Clear Mount) (retired).

I'll take comments until 24 September 2011 at 5:00 pm and announce the winner on my blog on Sunday, 25 September 2011.

Thanks for stopping by today!

14 thoughts on “Blog Contest!


    I would tell him, every “donut” kitten needs a “coffee” to along with it….

  2. kathy herrick

    having 2 kittens is the cheapest, most hilarious, free (ok, maybe not quite free) live-entertainment we’ve had in our house since our kids left home! my (retired) husband laughs till he cries, so i know good for his heart and soul!!

  3. Kimberly Sudol

    I always reasoned to my hubby that adding a 2nd cat/kitten will dramatically improve the lives of both cats! And he/she would STOP chewing, clawing, and ripping apart our furniture, drapes, and shoes because he/she was bored. My first cat was SOOOO lonely that she actually developed anxiety when I left to go anywhere because she couldn’t stand being alone. Then she started ripping out her fur in clumps because of her anxiety. It was hard to watch her decline after being such a happy, playful kitten. When I got my 2nd kitten, she changed dramatically! It took a few days for her to be OK with sharing Mommy, but then she LOOOOVED the other kitten! I got a boy because boy cats are much more calm emotionally and willing to let the first female be the queen and “rule the roost”! Plus, they played all the time, and when they weren’t playing, they were snuggling with each other! I’m so glad I decided to get a 2nd cat….and you’re husband would be too, if only he gave it a chance!!

  4. Dessie Wewers

    my goodness DD is adorable, love that the stuffed animal is bigger than she is! 😀 My husband and I started our married life with one cat, mine. When a small kitten got stuck in a gutter pipe infront of my office in Los Angeles (we have since moved to NWA) i just had to bring the poor dear home while we looked for a new home for her. It took a week for the little munchkin to win over my husbands’ heart, she was so darn cute and would gravitate towards him. The adjustment with my older cat took about a bit longer, but now they are best of friends and MUCH MUCH happier. I will have to agree with everyone’s comments so far … adding a second cat is not like adding a second dog … its much easier to take care of two than one. They keep each other entertained. There is little need for us to “exercise” them as they do that on their own, romping around the house and playing tag. Previously i would break out the feather wand or laser toy so that my older cat can get some much needed play and stimulation. Tho cats are independent by nature they do need to interact, play, chase, pounce, etc. So if you want to preserve your shoes, furniture, drapes, socks, etc. a second kitty will definitely fit the bill. Plus there is the added bonus … his and hers cats! 😀


    Rachel, I think what Kathy Herrick said is the whole truth and nothing BUT the TRUTH. Nothing else will give you as much entertainment, and besides that, cats are good for stress and blood pressure. I definitely think cats like to have a playmate, and besides that, when and if you decide to leave town for a couple or three days, they have each other for company!

  6. kathy herrick

    ok, my husband read to me out of his cat book that i got him for christmas – “studies have shown that having more than one cat leads to healthier (less vet bills) and more contentedness for them.”

    also, they are able to (and do!) clean each other in those hard to reach spots! ours do this regularly and its interesting to watch – their tenderness with each other is amazing!

  7. Julie Temple

    First of all DD is adorable! I have been to that Daylight Donuts MANY times…LOL!

    I would go with all the above reasons, but also add that DD needs another kitty, just like you and he have one another. It is nice to have someone around who understands and loves you, and with whom you can be yourself. DD needs a Kitty Companion~

    Good Luck, I hope he goes for it eventually!


  8. debbie essay

    DD needs a friend to stay with while everyone is out and about without him. No one wants to be alone….so yes another cat for the other cat is just the ticket.

  9. rachel schindler

    I would tell my husband, “You like to snuggle and cuddle, well….so do cats. You wouldn’t want DD to be lonely or sad..right? Just think, you will have me all to yourself because the cats will keep each other busy!”

  10. Donna

    I’m not entering the drawing.I just wanted to say all the comments were awesome.


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