Holiday Gifts

By | September 1, 2011

Holiday Gifts

Did you know that some people think Stampin’ Up! only sells stamps? As avid stampers, we love stamps and can find it a bit hard to believe that everyone else doesn’t have the same passion. Maybe they just haven’t discovered that love affair yet!

The good news is that this misconception about our products can be a great opportunity for Stampin’ Up! demonstrators. Showcasing our other fantastic product lines opens doors to new customers and new markets. Maybe even introducing non-stampers to a new passion through their love of our other products!

Our non-stamping products such as the Definitely Decorative line of wall vinyl and stencils, Designer Fabric, and Simply Adorned Jewelry are perfect items to promote as gifts during the holiday season. You can encourage your customers, family, and friends to shop for their stamping and non-stamping friends and family through you.

Designer Fabric makes a great gift for quilters, sewing enthusiasts, fashion divas, Big Shot junkies, and traditional crafters.

Definitely Decorative wall vinyl and stencils make stylish gifts for do-it-yourselfers, trendy decorators that like to change up the look of their homes, young people in new homes and apartments that need affordable and removable home accents, and traditional crafters.

Simply Adorned Jewelry makes thoughtful gifts for moms, mother-in-laws, grandmas, sisters, friends, teens. Because the Simply Adorned Charms are so versatile they make thoughtful gifts for many ladies on your list. Encourage your customers to make a few personal inserts to give along with the Simply Adorned Charms. Even though the inserts are fast and affordable the personal nature of the gift makes them cherished. The Simply Adorned line is also a great one to offer to the husbands and families of your customers. They will appreciate being able to give a fantastic gift without worrying about sizes or colors!

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