We have a winner!

By | September 24, 2011

Congratulations to Martha Gordin!

Here is her comment (but before I post it, let me say that I welcome demonstrators to my contests).  Unless I specifically say, "no demonstrators", everyone is welcome.  But they must reside in the US because of postage costs.

Thanks to everyone who participated – I loved your comments and have forwarded them all to my husband.  If these comments don't make him change his mind, nothing will! (LOL)

Hi Rachel,

I don’t feel right entering your blog candy contest since I am a hobby demonstrator with my cousin for my upline but I love your blog and get tons of inspiration from your beautiful cards.  Your cards are just the best!!

Years ago a co-worker found a litter of kittens in an old shed near our office.  It appeared the mother cat had abandoned them so she started to care for them.  I did not like cats at all but to help out a friend I agreed to take care of a couple of them  just until she found them a permanent home.  They were so tiny I had to go home on my lunch break to feed them with an eye dropper.  My husband and I called them cat #1 and #2 because neither of us liked cats.  Well, after just about 2 or 3 days our hearts started to change.  You can’t help but fall in love with the antics of two kittens.  Next thing you know my husband who really hated cats started to talk about how much they liked to explore everything and next thing you know he named them Colombus and Magellan.  They passed away from old age many years later after a life time of great love and affection.   Next came 3 kitties – I thought about naming them woo-pig-sooie but could not quite call a cat “woo” or “pig” so ended up with Zor – short for Razorbacks, Iggy – substitute for pig and the third we called Sooie.  3 cats are really fun!!

A selling point for a second cat – when you go to California next month, a second cat will keep DD company and it is easy to find a neighbor or friend to come over to feed and take care of the cats every day or two while you are gone.  Unlike dogs that need to be let out several times every day, cats can stay alone for a night or two – especially if there are two of them to keep each other company.

 We now have a dog and just recently got a second dog from the Bella Vista animal shelter.  They are super nice ladies at the shelter and matched us with the perfect puppy who has become a great playmate for our older dog.  I would highly recommend the BV shelter for finding kitty #2.

Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration from your blog. 

Happy stampin’ 

Martha Gordin

2 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. Donna

    Congrats!!! Martha
    Thanks for sharing your story.We are big time animal lovers and I wanted DD to have a friend also.I couldn’t write anything better then what was already posted.
    Awesome comments.

  2. Martha Gordin

    Oh my goodness!! I never win anything and to win a SU stamp set – my very favorite product- how good can it get. Thank you so much Rachel. I’ll be in Bella Vista this week to help my daughter at her store, Linden’s Jewelry. If it is convenient for you, maybe I can stop by to pick up the stamp set – and meet the new kitty 😉


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