Customer Service

By | October 24, 2011

If you've ever been delighted by the professionalism of a retail salesperson, or perhaps frustrated by an inattentive waiter, then you'll agree that customer service can make or break any consumer experience. And just as you have certain expectations when you shop, your customers will also expect a high level of service from you. You already know that they are going to love and want to purchase Stampin' Up!'s products, but their decision to continue to buy from you will often be influenced by the quality of service you provide. To earn that loyalty and build strong relationships, remember the following advice:

Be Dependable
Consistently do what you say you will do in a timely manner.

Be Service-Oriented
Provide encouragement, pampering, training, and extra information. Make sure your customer is prepared to truly enjoy the products she purchases from you.

Show Integrity and Honesty
Use your customers' contact and other personal information in an ethical way, and respond to questions and concerns honestly.

Go Above and Beyond
Anticipate and exceed your customers' needs and expectations. Consider what would impress you as a customer, and live up to that standard.

Although it can require extra energy, your commitment to exceptional customer service will pay off in the long run. Happy customers become loyal customers, which leads to repeat business and referrals, which can lead to new customers, hostesses, and recruits.

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