Go Big or Go Home!

By | October 18, 2011

This is so true!


My Jennifer Fong

Nothing drives me crazier than consultants in direct selling companies who whine. “I want to build a business but no one will book a party.” or “In this economy no one is buying anything.” or “No one wants to join my team.” All the while they’re spending more time playing Angry Birds than working their business.

Seriously? No one? Then how come the top earners (and even the non top earners) are booking parties, making sales, and recruiting new consultants into the business?

Get this through your head: Success in your business starts and ends with YOU and what you decide.

  • You decide whether or not to make one more phone call.
  • You decide whether or not to present the opportunity to every single person at the party.
  • You decide whether or not to do the follow up calls you know you should do.
  • You DECIDE.

So are you in it to succeed or not?

My favorite kind of people to hang around with are the people who are ALL IN. They’re the ones who do what it takes to make it work (and are thoroughly jazzed about it!) They work harder than anyone else in the room, and they are committed to achieving what they want. They are ALL IN.

Are you?

One thought on “Go Big or Go Home!

  1. Annette Vaughn

    Wow! Rachel, this post really spoke to me! So much so, that I read it 3 times! It’s so powerful & true! Thank you for keeping us motivated & encouraged! I appreciate you!


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