Ways to use the Stampin’ Up! fabric without sewing

By | December 29, 2011

Ways to use the Stampin'Up fabric without sewing.

1. Use the fabric to cover terracotta pots by wrapping the fabric around the pot to figure out what angle you need to cut the fabric on.  Cover the pot with mod podge.  Pour a little mod podge glue into a bowl or a old plastic container.  With a brush apply the glue to the bottom edge of the container.  Begin wrapping the fabric around the pot.  Apply the mod-podge evenly and in a thin layer.  You do not want bubbles.  When you have wrapped the pot in the fabric and reached the place you started, overlap the fabric just enough to cover the seam.  Make certain that the fabric is evenly stretched over the pot and there are no ripples, bubbles, or bunching.  Use a damp cloth to wipe away excess mod podge.  Cut the excess pieces off from the top and bottom.  Fold the fabric over the top and the bottom and mod podge the rim.

 2.  Wine Glass Lamp: Make a shade for a wine glass of vellum cardstock to go on a wine glass.  Cover this with fabric.  Use sticky strip to hem and add trim.  Use a battery operated candle in the wine glass lamp.   See www.upallnightstamper.com

3.  Votive Holders:  Cover little mason jars by tearing strips of fabric and apply to the inside of the jars with mod podge.  The printed side faces out.  Use with battery operated candles.

4. Use strips of fabric on your cards and scrapbook pages instead of ribbon.

5.  Sachets:  Make sachets out of fabric by using the scalloped rectangle or circle dies.  Glue the front and back together using fabric glue.  Add the sachet in the center before gluing all the edges.  Sachet can be found at www.americanspice.com

6.  Decorative Glass Plate:  Adhere the fabric to the underside of the plate with the print facing so it shows through the clear glass using mod podge.

7.  Use the tasteful trims die to cut fabric to use on cards, scrapbook pages, candles, gift boxes, etc.

8. Coasters: Layer fabric, cork, and widow sheets with the adhesive sheets and then run through the Big Shot.

9. Memo Boards: Use tag board as the base and cover with fabric.

10. French Photo Holders:  Use a base of cardboard, cover with batting, then cover this with the fabric.  Run ribbon chris-cross from the top to the bottom of the board and glue to the back of the board.  Cover the back with fabric or another piece of cardboard.

11.  Pin Holders:  These can be made by covering a piece of cardboard with cotton batting and then stretch fabric  over the cotton.  Use a backing on the bottom so the glued edges don't show.  These can also be made using a cat food can which is covered with fabric or ribbon.  Instead of cotton you can use a Styrofoam  ball inside the can and cover it.

12.  Make yo-yos to decorate clothing or cards.

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