Why Aren’t You Recruiting! by John Sanpietro

By | February 27, 2012

Why Aren’t You Recruiting!

By John Sanpietro, Stamping Is My Business!

I was really surprised to see how low the recruiting members were during SU's last contest. When you further consider that SIMB clients recruited a disproportionate number of these new recruits, the overall results were even more shocking.

The bottom line, it seems, is most Demos simply aren't recruiting.

Now, in any direct sales company, you're going to have this problem, but it does seem to be more pronounced here.

 So, over the next two articles, I'm going to share with you some of the points I like to make to my clients, which seem to help them recruit far above average.

What’s Going On In Your Head?

 First and foremost, HOW you think about recruiting is going to go a long way to how much you actually put into your recruiting efforts. Since the "how much" is the most important consideration… and how you think about recruiting has a direct bearing on that… we have to start here.

So, let me put the question to you: What exactly do you think you're doing when you recruit?

When I ask most Demos that question, I hear several versions of one or two answers:

  • I'm trying to convince them to become a Demo
  • I'm trying to sell them the Kit/Demonstratorship

Here’s the thing… NEITHER OF THESE ARE TRUE! At least, they shouldn't be.

Recruiting is NOT about trying to convince anyone of anything. And it’s NOT about trying to sell someone something.

Recruiting is simply about giving someone the information they need to make an informed decision themselves.

Whether or not you use it for this purpose, becoming a Demonstrator can be the first step to solving a lot of problems for people:

  • It can help them get out of debt
  • It can help them live the lifestyle they'd like to live
  • It can help a new Mom stay home and raise her children, while still contributing to the family's bottom line
  • …The list goes on and on

Being a Demonstrator can be the launching point for so many wonderful things… but only if you let that person know they CAN be a Demonstrator!

See, I don't believe you're selling anyone anything. When you tell someone about becoming a Demonstator, you're simply saying:

"This is something that's available to you. It may be a way
to achieve the things you'd like in the future. It's up to you,
but I simply wanted to let you know it's out there."

Now, did that sound like I was selling something? No. Was I focused on a yes or no answer? No.

I was just giving them what they needed to make an informed decision. What they do with that information is up to them. And, frankly, I can't spend too much time focusing on that because I'm already speaking to the next person.

Why am I already on to the next person? Because I'm so excited to be able to let my friends, family and acquaintances know this opportunity exists, I have to keep going!

Frankly, I also don't want anyone to think I don't like them enough to share it with them. That I'm keeping it from them.

Now, there are wrong ways to do this, as well. Going up to someone and saying, 'hey, you already buy so much, you might as well join and get the discount.' Or, 'buy the Kit! You get a ton of product in there for a really good price. Oh, and you'll also become a Demo.' THAT's about selling… and it doesn't exactly contribute to your profit or retention numbers in a positive way, either.

As with anything else, there's a right way and a wrong way. But the right way is SO much easier. It creates SO much less pressure for you and the prospect. AND is actually much more conducive to actually building a productive, profitable downline.

So, ask yourself, am I thinking of recruiting in the right way? Do I need to shift my perspective?

If so, now is a great time to do it, as January is a prime recruiting month!

In our next article, we’ll discuss the ‘how much’ and the ‘who.’ Here’s a preview… one matters… one doesn’t!

Warmest regards,


John Sanpietro, Certified Business Coach, Stamping Is My Business!


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