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by John Sanpietro, Stamping Is My Business!

In our last article we talked about the ways many Demonstrators view recruiting, and how that impacts their results.

Now that you’ve started to make any of the mental shifts necessary to become a successful recruiter, the next thing we need to do is talk about who you need to speak with… and how many of them you should be having a conversation with every month.

Let’s start with the who.

The first thing I would like you to do is make a list. I’d like you to write down the names of everybody you think would make a good demonstrator. Then, I’d like you to add the names of every one you would personally like to work with. Finally, I’d like you to add the names of everyone you think would say yes to the business opportunity.

Finished? Excellent.

Now, I’d like you to throw take that list, crumple it up and throw it away!


One of the biggest reasons demonstrators don’t recruit new downline is because they spend the majority of their time pre-judging. They’re trying to figure out who is going to say yes, who’s going to be fun to work with and who’s going to make a good demonstrator.

In fact, they spent so much time trying to figure this stuff out, they never get around to actually doing the recruiting. Why? Because they’ve used up all their time or they’ve talked themselves out of speaking with anyone.

I can’t stress this enough. Don’t prejudge!

The bottom line is, whenever you prejudge, you’re basically guaranteeing you’re not going to recruit as many people as you could.

You simply don’t know who’s going to say yes and who’s going to say no. Inevitably, the people you thought we’re going to say yes will end up saying no, and the people that you thought were going to say no will end up saying yes. That is… they would have said yes. Because you decided they were going to say no, though, you ended up never even asking them.

The most successful recruiters in any direct sales business are not the people who prejudge. Nor do they have a particular personality type that makes them more successful than others.

Recruiting is simply a numbers game, and the most successful recruiters are simply the ones who talk to everybody. Since prejudging essentially limits the number of people you speak with, don’t prejudge. Talk to everybody.

Now, “talk to everybody” is a pretty vague term. How many people should you be speaking with on a monthly basis?

I ask my clients to try and have one-on-one conversations about the business opportunity with at least 10 people per month.

On average, you have to speak to 10 people to end up recruiting one person. So, if you want to recruit one person per month, you should be having one-on-one conversations with at least 10 different people each month.

If you can do that, and do that consistently, you’ll get about a dozen new directs in your downline every year. And, based on what we know about direct sales business models, if you can recruit a dozen people per year, taking into account the number of downline who will drop, as well as the number of downline who will themselves recruit, , your down line will grow to approximately 200 people distributed amongst five levels within five years.

Again, though, consistency is key. This business model does not work if you’re inconsistent because, among other things, it’s based on momentum, as well as you modeling the behavior you would like you’re downline to imitate.

However, if you can be consistent, keep up your numbers, and not prejudge, you can build a dynamic thriving down mine in a relatively brief period of time.

And, again, January is a great time to start!

Good luck!

 Warmest regards,


 John Sanpietro

Certified Professional Development Coach

Stamping Is My Business!


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