Petite Purse Bigz Die: How do you keep the patterned DSP Straight?

By | March 20, 2012

This information is from Sandy Hancock.  I thought you might be interested in how to place the DSP on the die to get the pattern straight!


This new product will be available to the general public on April 1-31st.

This adorable little purse/ favor is about 2 1/2" wide at the bottom x 2" high.

I couldn't wait until then to give other demonstrators the "how to" on getting their DSP patterns straight if they have not already figured it out!

The design on the Petite Purse Bigz Die is placed on the die at an angle. The first several times that I cut out the purse with a Designer Sereis Paper (DSP) pattern that should be STRAIGHT, this is what I got!

Looking at this is like listening to fingernails go across a chalk board! Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


What to do??? Well, here is my brainstorm!!

Since I can't show the actual die until it is released for sale to the general public, just pretend with me that this is the real thing. Here is what you would do.

You will need a piece of Designer Series Paper that is 6"x 8" to cover all of the purse parts if you have a pattern that needs to be straight.

Since the bottom of the purse is placed at an angle on the die itself, extend the tape far enough beyond the end of the die to include all of the parts of the purse AND still be parallel with the bottom of the purse. I extended the tape to 1/2" PAST the bottom of the purse. It would look about like this. You can trim off the excess paper if you want to.

So here is what you do:

  • Adhere the masking tape 1/2" past the edge of the bottom of the purse.
  • Make sure that the tape is parallel with the bottom edge of the purse.
  • Pull the DSP out to the tape and line it up there making sure that the DSP covers all of the purse pieces. It will easily cover everything if you are using a 6"x 8" piece of DSP.
  • If you line up the DSP exactly at the bottom of the purse's cutting line, you'll be cutting off part of one of the sides of the purse. So you have to extend the DSP to include the whole purse. Once you extend the DSP, then you are at great risk of having the DSP go crooked.


Then when you cut out the purse, it will line up like this.

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!


Then if you cut a piece of card stock that is 5 3/4"x 3/4" you can use the #118402 Scallop Trim Border Punch on each side of the c/s and have your handles look like this. (Not my original idea)

Yes, I cut out the red one before I figured out how to line up the DSP correctly!


You will get two purses out of one 12 x 12 piece of DSP.

I will probably bring this post back again when the die is available to everyone.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by!

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