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By | July 7, 2012

Hi Stampin' Friends

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  It rained a little today and I was so happy because we need it!

My husband and I sit outside on the deck for our first cup of coffee of the day.  We've gone through so any bird feeders trying to find one that won't also feed the squirrels or even the raccoons!  But those squirrels are so smart and figured out how to work around all the different kinds of obstacles we put in their way. 


We finally decided to purchase a thin pole thinking the squirrels could not climb it – wrong!  It took all of one day and 3 attempts by the squirrels to climb that pole.  Then we decided to rub vaseline on the pole and that worked!  The squirrels would try and climb and they would start to slide down the pole.  The problem is now when the birds land on the pole, they also start to slide down the pole.  I think you can see the bird with his butt in the air while he's sliding down the pole.  It is so funny to watch them!


Did I tell you that I have the best customers ever?  This tag and card is from one of my customers, Jane.


Isn't the card beautiful?  The stamp set is Upsy Daisy which retired this year – Jane used the bleached technique.  It's really pretty in person.


The tag is polka on black with a pink letter – very stylish and perfect for my tote.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great Sunday!


One thought on “From Jane

  1. Julie

    Well you forgot to mention the most hilarious thing about that picture…… Your CAT crouching down waiting for that bird to slide into his mouth! That’s so funny!!!!


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