By | August 9, 2012

Can I Sell Stamps Without Giving Myself Away?

the past few weeks, I've received several emails from stamping business owners
expressing the same concern:
Does a
stamping business owner have to give everything away (their time, their classes,
their profit, etc.) in order to sell catalog product?

The answer… absolutely

While there's certainly been a push toward this sort of "marketing" lately,
I believe it's one of the worst
ways to run your business… and completely unnecessary.
Whether you're doing this as a full-blown business, or just supporting your
hobby, you've all spent significant
time and money learning your craft.  Time and money you could have spent
on and with your family, friends and other things you love.  You should
NEVER devalue that sacrifice!
You are all experts in your field… and you should be treated as such… 
But nobody is going to do that until you yourself demand it!
There is absolutely no reason to increase sales if it's going to
decrease your profits
And you should never position yourself as the least
important, most discountable part of your business
Frankly, anyone who asks you to do that has simply run out of ideas.
Get paid what you're worth!  Demand it.  Be consistent. 
And you WILL find customers who are more than happy to work with you!
To your success,

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