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How Can I Sell Product At Full Price When There's So Much
Discounted Product?

response to yesterday's post about not having to give away the farm, I
received the following question from Jan:

I became a catalog demonstrator of stamps
because I wanted the discount for myself and because I loved the product. I'm a
hobby demonstrator thinking about delving into the business side…But, in all
honesty, there are a ton of quality crafting products that I can buy and get a
discount on (and a lot of times free shipping). How can you sell catalog stamps
at full price, when I think about myself, that I would never buy these catalog
products at full retail catalog price?

Thanks for the great question, Jan.

The truth is, it's not difficult to sell your product at full price AND
everything else in your business (classes, etc.), as well.  The obstacle you see
before you is a common concern, but it's also important to realize this is a self-imposed obstacle.  In
other words, it's something that you think.  It's not necessarily what is

The good news is, it's not something you have to worry about IF you can
accept what I'm going to say:

You are NOT your customer!

The features and benefits you're focusing on are NOT the same as the features
and benefits your customer is focusing on.

Now… are there some people who do place their emphasis on the lowest
price?  Sure.

But they're NOT your customer, either!

In every industry, there are discount sellers and there are premium sellers. 
The discount sellers attract a certain type of customer, and the premium sellers
attract a different type of customer.

Which would YOU like to

If its the premium seller, ask for a premium price.  Don't compromise on
that!  Are you going to get as many customers as the discount seller?  No.  But
here's the thing… you don't have to!!!

As a premium seller, you're going to make more money with fewer
customers, lower expenses and less time invested

In other words, why be Dollar General, when you could be Bergdorf
Goodman, instead?

Let all of the discounters compete with the other discounters.

YOU market to the people who have no interest in discounts.  It's a much less
competitive field… and MUCH more lucrative.

If you'd like to see a LOT of marketing ideas AND plug into a community of
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