By | August 6, 2012


 If this is the year you've committed to growing your downline, please take a moment and read this entire email.

Recruiting quality downline (downline who are going to build their business to help you build yours) is not easy… but it's not that hard, either.

IF you know the steps.

In less than 36 hours, we're going to kick off the 2012 Recruiting and Leadership Boot Camp.  During the Boot Camp, I'm going to give you the exact steps you can take
to recruit and grow your quality downline.

 I'm also going to give you recruiting tools NOBODY else has access to, in order to help you accomplish this.

If you take the information I'm sharing with you, and take action, you could have your first quality recruit by the end of the month.

 But the decision is yours.  If this is going to be your year… if something needs to change in your business… YOU need to take the action to change it.

 Start by using the link below to find out more:

 The 2012 Recruiting and Leadership Boot Camp

 Warmest regards,


If you're pretty much where you were with your downline last year, re-read this email and use the link above!  Take the steps you need to grow the business you want!

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