Giving Gifts for the Holidays

By | November 8, 2012

Hi Stampin' Friends

Want to make the holidays really special? Then plan to make your gifts this year. Making gifts allows you to give unique and personal gifts with a handmade touch. “It’s the thought that counts” or so the saying goes. And it’s never more true than when the gift is homemade. Why? Because you can make it special and just for the recipient. And while you are making it, guess what you’re doing? Thinking about the person that you are making it for! Need some ideas of what you could make? Try some of these:

- a box of handstamped cards
- a scrapbook ready for pictures
- a finished scrapbook (great for grandparents!)
- journals & notebooks
- personalized stationery
- customized office supplies (folders, paper clips, notepads, etc.)
- a calendar
- a stamped scarf
- decorated photo frame (with or without a handstamped insert)
- an ornament
- a wreath
… and so much more!

So grab a cup of cocoa, put on some seasonal music, and create your own handcrafted holidays!

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