The New Stampin’ Trimmer

By | December 8, 2012

Hi Stampin' Friends

I love my new Stampin' Trimmer.  So many things I like about it!   Have you ever thought you were getting a straight cut, but it turned out to be bowed? The new handles and cutting track are so stable, your cuts will be perfectly straight!


So many features of this tool make it the best on the market. The precision tip on the cutting blade allows you to pinpoint precisely where you're cutting. The handle shows you exactly where the blade will cut, making it easy to see exactly where your cuts and scores will begin and end.  And, with the specially-designed insertion point, the handles snap into the track easily without bending or bowing the track itself-which helps to keep the track straight and rigid.

Watch the Stampin' Up! video to see what an amazing tool this is.

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