By | February 1, 2013

Sorry ladies that I haven't been posting much lately on this blog but I've been having some health issues.


Here's a ice breaker you may be interested in for your workshops

Games are a good way to break up longer events, break the ice with groups where the individuals may not know each other well, and provide opportunities to give new product away as prizes. Here is a simple game I put together for a scrapbooking event using the Bingo digital stamp brush in My Digital Studio.

Each square contains the name of a common–or not-so-common–scrapbooking embellishment. As your scrappers work throughout the day or weekend, they mark off a square if they use that embellishment on a layout (only one square filled in per page). First one to get five in a row wins! At the end of a longer, multi-day event, you could also give a prize to the total most squares filled in.

You may print off and use the game below at your convenience. Please note that as embellishments come and go out of the catalogs, the printout may no longer be accurate and you will want to come up with your own handout.

Downline Variation: you could also do this game substituting beginner stamping techniques for the embellishments, and hand them out at your new recruit training nights. Everyone who brings it back with bingo filled in gets a prize! 

Download Embellishment-bingo


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