By | March 31, 2013

 It the end of the month and a great time to catch up on your record keeping for the month.

Take 15 minutes and record all your income and expenses for the month.

Income may include:

-        The income that SU! paid you this month from last month's sales (Volume Rebate, Downline Override, DBWS shared pool).

-        All the instant income you received on SU! orders placed this month.

-        Any additional income you got from customers (class fees, sales of retired merchandise, etc.)

Expenses may include:

-        Amount you paid SU! for customer orders (Cost of Goods Sold)

-        Any demo orders you placed with SU! for supplies, catalogs, etc.

-        Advertising expenses (newspaper ads, mini-catalog mailings, etc.)

-        Travel expenses (meals, hotel, airfare, etc.) incurred this month related to business travel (leadership, regionals, convention, group meetings)

-        Check your vehicle mileage log to make sure you included all your workshops, trips to the bank or post office, travel to downline meetings, etc. that you did this month.

-        Record your DBWS subscription payment.

-        Record any utility expenses related to your business (long distance phone charges, etc., utility payments if you claim a home office deduction).

-        Any other items you purchased elsewhere for use in your business (postage stamps, copy paper, items to stamp on for a class, etc.)


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