Messy Monday – Baker’s Twine and a FREE gift for you!

By | April 1, 2013

Messy Monday—Baker’s Twine 

(from SU website)

In the spirit of spring cleaning, every Monday during the month of April we’ll be sharing with you some organization and storage tips and ideas. The first one is a quick and simple way to store your Baker’s Twine

Storing Baker’s Twine like this helps get rid of the bends in the twine that is created when it is packaged. Simply wind your Baker’s Twine around a clothespin. It doesn’t take very long, and can be done while watching TV. When you’re finished, it looks super-adorable! (Baker’s Twine is one of my favorite accessories!)

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with our Baker’s Twine, here is what we currently offer:

I hope you’ve found this helpful. If anyone wants to share their own storage ideas, feel free to leave comments. I’m always on the hunt for new ways to store all of my paper crafting supplies!

Christina N.
Concept Artist

I ordered my clothespins today from Amazon because I think this is a fabulous idea on how to store you baker's twine.  Besides it will look "cute" on my shelves.



Since I ordered a 100 of these clothespins and I don't think I'll need them all, I'll send five clothespins to the first 10 online orders (no min) for the month of April.  A perfect way to store your Baker's Twin!

Visit my Stampin' Store to place your now!

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