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I've been on vacation and just returned after being gone for 16 days – spent my birthday in California.  It was my 70th birthday and my daughter threw me a party – I'll share some pictures sometime next week.

Thought you might enjoy this technique that I retrieved from one of the forums.  I have not tried it but I love the results!


Technique – Rainbow Background

Shared by Denise Foor (Techniques coordinator) May 2013

This technique uses Stampin’ Write Markers and Watercolor paper to make beautiful background papers. With a few small tweaks you can use your large clear blocks, Whisper White Card Stock or Glossy Card Stock for varied effects.  Tip: You can do this with any colors, but the rainbow effect is just so vibrant!

Photo 1

What you will need for the Rainbow Background:

  • Stampin’ Write Markers
  • Stampin’ Spritizer
  • Aqua Painter Watercolor Paper

 If you choose, you can lightly water spritz you Watercolor Paper before you begin coloring with your markers. I did not spritz before coloring in the sample below.

Photo 2

Choose your colors.  Begin by scribbling on your Watercolor Paper about half way down your sheet.  

Tip: I use my markers from both sides, so I have space for my middle colors.

Photo 3

This is what it should look like after you have finished putting all your colors on.  The bottom edge of your marker line should not be even…for a more natural look.

Photo 4

With your Stampin’ Spritzer lightly spritz with water.  You can always add more.  

Photo 5

After you spritz you, the ink will run down you paper so it is a good idea to have paper beneath your project to catch the overspray and drips.

Photo 6

Final step. Use your Aqua Painter to pull the ink down the length of your Watercolor Paper. Every piece will be different even if you use the same Stampin’ Write marker colors.

Here are two examples I made:








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