2013-2014 Catalog now available on Google Catalogs in the US

By | June 5, 2013

Hi Stampin’ Friends

The 2013-2014 catalog is available now on Google Catalogs! It’s interactive, it’s easy—and it’s compatible with both iPad and Android tablets in the US.

To access the catalog:

  • Download the Google Catalog app (available      through iTunes and Google      Play).
  • Sign in using your Google or Gmail account. If you      don’t have a Google account, you can create one by tapping the sign      up button in the app.
  • After you have signed in, search for “Stampin’      Up!”by tapping the small magnifying glass icon at the top of the      screen.
  • Open the catalog by tapping the cover.
  • Add the 2013-2014 catalog to your favorites by tapping      the small heart icon at the top of the screen. You can also favorite      specific pages by tapping the heart icon on that page.
  • Subscribe to Stampin’ Up! By tapping the      small postage stamp icon next to “Stampin’ Up!” at the      top of the screen. Once you’ve subscribed, Google Catalogs will      notify you every time we publish a new catalog!

  Cool Features:

  • Browse the catalog with ease on your tablet.
  • Get more information, see additional images (beyond      what is available in the catalog), and zoom in on your favorite products.
  • Watch videos from our YouTube channel and link to more      information on our website right inside the app!
  • SHOP ONLINE! Order products directly from the app with      just a few taps through Stampin’ Up!’s online store.

: Google Catalogs is currently available in the US only and is not supported in Canada at this time. We will test this app in the US and make it available in Canada as soon as Google opens up their product to that market.

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