The secret reason why you need to subscribe to my newsletter

By | March 21, 2014

be quietOkay, I lied a little  bit in my title!  There isn’t a secret reason but it did get your attention didn’t it?  There are several reason why you should sign up for my newsletter.

1.  An exclusive e-mail newsletter to keep you right up to the minute with product releases and specials, as well as spoil you with additional exclusive creative inspiration and offers, be the first to hear!

2.  It contains tips, tricks and techniques – useful instructions to improve your projects and cool ideas to take your paper crafting to the next level.

3.  It’s hard to keep up with everything in this crazy, media-frenzied world.  Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll get a couple of e-mails a month that includes what I’ve posted on my blog (with links) since the last newsletter, so if you missed something good, you can easily find it.

4.  I’m going to pick a comment of the week from a reader and it could be you!  I love to hear what you have to say and your comments are well worth sharing.  I read every single comment and value all your thoughts.  Keep on sharing!

5.  It’s a free publication – this subscription has no obligation so you can’t beat the price!

6.  I promise not to spam you, sell your e-mail address, or send you instagram photos of what I’m having for lunch!

So, complete the box below – don’t miss another issue!

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