Internet Hostess Club

Internet Hostess Club

Join the “Internet Hostess Club” – begins 1 November 2009

  • Only orders placed through my on-line website will quality
  • You must contact me prior to placing your first order in the “Internet Hostess Club”
  • You have 9 months to take advance of this Internet Hostess Club.  If your sales total do not reach $150 in 9 months , your total will start over.
  • I’ll send you a monthly summary every month

This is a great deal – it averages about $16.00 per month to stay in the Internet Hostess Club.  And you are not making a commitment.  If your total reaches $150 within nine months, you’ll receive the hostess stamp set and free SU products at that time and not have to wait until the nine months are over.

NOTE:  Not to be confused with the Internet Stamp Club (see details here)

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